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Mars conjunct Uranus

Expect the unexpected

Kelli Fox

With this aspect influencing things between you, don't expect a calm, ordinary relationship! You could go through a lot of ups and downs together, and you might never come to a place where you can really trust the bond between you, unless other aspects have a more stabilizing influence. But at least things are always exciting!

Whether that excitement verges into the realm of untenable depends on your individual natures. There is a feeling of change between you; you're never quite able to pin your partner down and get a commitment, or even a straight statement of their feelings or desires. Instead, it feels as if they're constantly evading your advances, like a complicated fencing match with sexual overtones. In fact, sexually, this dynamic keeps things very interesting together -- because there is a feeling that if you don't keep changing it up, your partner will lose interest. But after some time, you began to wish you could have a more reliable connection. And the pressure of coming up with new rhythms and positions in the bedroom can be daunting for the best of us! This aspect makes it hard for the relationship ever to deepen into something more mature than a fast, fun, wild ride, and it could make things contentious between you if you react to the instability by getting upset about it. The best strategy will be to suspend all expectations, because they probably won't be met anyway.

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