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Mars conjunct Saturn

Complementary differences

Kelli Fox

You two either complement each other well or antagonize each other for your differences -- and the latter is the more likely of the two possibilities, at least that's the case if you haven't learned to get along yet. During the first part of your relationship, you probably worked well together; you supplied energy and excitement and your lover acted as a grounding influence. Your partner learned to be a little more spontaneous and carefree, while you discovered responsibility and hard work.

But problems now arise when your passion gets dampened by too much focus on responsibility. Your sexual connection can be doused like a flame under water if your energies are mismatched too often, or when you find that you want some very different things in the bedroom. Even after all this time, your partner is still likely to be made uncomfortable by your carefree, adventurous spirit. It could make them feel nervous and unstable to be faced with such an unpredictable appetite, and their natural response might be to try to exert control over it and hold it down. But that can't work, and it only creates rebellion and even more unpredictability within you. Instead, why not refocus on knowing each other as the people that you truly are, even if it scares you (or bores you)? Your differences really aren't so frightening or annoying after all, and in fact, they're complementary.

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  1. Moneytha on August 3, 2018 at 5:16 am

    I’m very curious as to how this is a conjunction? Both partners have Mars in Aries, while 1 has Saturn in Taurus and the other Saturn in Cancer. Aries-Taurus can’t be a conjunction because the signs are different and you’d have to know birth times to even know what was within a 10 degree orb if the signs were the same. I think all these discrepancies were the reason canceled my email subscription to you a long time ago.

    • Kelli on August 3, 2018 at 4:53 pm

      You dont need birthtimes to know if the planets (not including the moon) are in aspect! Absolutely, Mars and Saturn can be conjunct if in different signs as long as they are within a 10 degree orb for a conjunction!! Ugh…these are NOT discrepancies.

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