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Mars conjunct North Node

Forward progress

Kelli Fox

You can have a wonderful effect on your partner's life if you try. You're able to really help them in terms of figuring out their life path. Even if when you met it already seemed like they had it all figured out, you've found that through your interactions, they became even more positively focused and directed.

Whatever their goals are in life, you're able to help your lover meet them. You just inspire a lot of energy and creative action in each other. Your relationship is a highly physical one; you might have an active sex life together, or you might enjoy hiking, playing sports, taking long walks, raising animals or any of a host of other physical activities. As a couple, you welcome physical challenges, and the energy and excitement you generate together is like a flame under your feet! You learn so much from this energetic bond. You might have taken more of the leadership role than your partner, and you now serve as the inspiration for both of you. You might have to prod them from time to time, to gently nudge them onto that path that they might occasionally fall away from. But that is the strength of this relationship. You help this person become the individual they've always tried to be. You two are marching together into your futures, fearlessly and united as a team.

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