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Mars conjunct Moon

Stimulation and irritation

Kelli Fox

If there's one word that describes you two together, it's touchy, touchy, touchy! Now, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Basically, you have a big effect on each other; you naturally stimulate and react to one another on an emotional level that could be rather impulsive.

The troublesome part of this could come about when you are being less than sensitive, and inadvertently hurt your lover's feelings. You're naturally more assertive and impassioned than they are -- and, at times, more self-centered. These qualities are quite compelling when the two of you are beginning your courtship, but over time, they lead to you pushing blindly ahead while your lover hangs back, feeling snubbed or slighted. It isn't anyone's fault. You just set off reactions in each other that are as hard to explain as they are to control. You know how to push each other's buttons before you even know each other very well. It could feel as if you've entered each other's lives to force some sort of learning about your past relationships and old hurts -- and that might, in fact, be the best that this relationship brings you. You could both learn how to live in the present, how to keep from getting irritated at every little thing, and how to allow each other room to be assertive without taking that passion as a threat.

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