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Mars conjunct Jupiter

Luck and timing

Kelli Fox

There is a lot of energy between you, and you love being active together. Whether this takes the form of playing sports together, going hiking, building or renovating something or any other enterprise is up to you -- but you two stay active, and whatever projects you undertake are almost always a success! If one of you is normally a more reticent type, this relationship can help to draw you out of your shell and bring out the courageous, even competitive side of your nature.

You two work together as a team, and you know that you can rely on each other as teammates -- and that frees you up to take on almost any challenge that could arise! You have a positive, optimistic effect on each other. You help each other meet life head-on, with both eyes open. It could be that you get more accomplished through the course of this relationship than you would have on your own, because of the teamwork effect of your bond. Sexually, you have a very arousing effect on each other. Your intimate connection is passionate indeed, and you can each learn a lot through being physical together. In fact, learning is a focus due to this aspect. Encouraging each other to take on any activity that involves education is great for both of you. Taking a class together or teaching one would be a wonderful use of this energy, which could become excessive if you don't find a proper outlet for it.

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