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Jupiter trine Venus

Your best selves

Kelli Fox

You bring out each other's best qualities and inspire each other to be your kindest, most generous selves! You are the couple that all your friends both love and envy -- the center of the party, popular and sociable, and with a visibly strong bond between you. Your connection only deepens with time because there is a natural affinity and receptivity between you.

You are able to talk openly with each other about anything and everything that comes up, and you understand each other really well. Through this openness, you grow to understand yourself better, which aids in your career, your personal relationships and all other areas of your life. The only danger is that you are so comfortable with each other that you grow complacent -- and you could even become self-absorbed. Who wouldn't, with such a wonderful bond to rely on? Strive to stay attuned with the world, which could use your help from time to time. Generally, this aspect is very positive for both of you. You get to know yourselves better as you rely on each other's support and sympathy. You both feel empowered, as if you can accomplish anything. Most of all, you make each other feel wonderful.

Jupiter trine Venus in the Transit Chart

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