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Jupiter trine South Node

Good luck

Kelli Fox

If, when you met, you felt as if you've known each other before, that's probably because you have -- in a past life that was long ago and too deeply submerged in your subconscious minds to remember. But you were involved, and you had a wonderful effect on each other's lives. You opened this person up to some kind of great opportunity -- you helped them to better themselves and advance their lives in some way.

In this life, you've come together again to reap more of the benefits of that old, lucky connection. You bring your personal strengths once again to the relationship and help your lover to connect to some very beneficial opportunities. You have some talents: with meeting influential people, perhaps, or handling money well, or just spotting great bargains at a garage sale. Whatever it is, your partner benefits from it, because you somehow lead them into opportunities they would never have found on their own. Their gratitude toward you is a real boost. So use this influence well; focus not only on what you both want in life, but on what you need as well, and try to bring those things into being through your own efforts and ingenuity.

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