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Jupiter trine Mars

Complementary strengths

Kelli Fox

You love being together, no matter what you're doing -- whether you're talking and laughing, taking a walk, seeing a movie or whatnot, you have a great time. However you spend your time as a couple, you both enjoy yourselves immensely. You tend toward activity together more than being sedentary; instead of spending a lazy Saturday morning in bed, you more likely go out on a hike or work in the garden together, and talk about everything under the sun while you're at it.

Whatever you do, you do it as a team. This aspect encourages feelings of togetherness, of being on the same side. If one of you is feeling down or pessimistic, you only have to be around your partner for a few minutes before you start to perk up again. You reveal the pleasurable, positive, optimistic side of life to your partner, and you blend your individual talents to become a formidable team. Whenever a challenge comes up, your lover provides the energy and enthusiasm for meeting it head-on, and you come up with the strategy -- and you're off! This aspect really affects all areas of your relationship and your lives, because it stimulates your sexual connection, your good times and good feelings, and your ambitions as related to career, schooling and everything else you want to do or accomplish.

Jupiter trine Mars in the Transit Chart

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  1. Kiran on April 29, 2016 at 8:05 am

    Very true and exact thank you very much

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