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Jupiter trine Jupiter

A sense of purpose

Kelli Fox

Your relationship creates a supportive energy that gives you both room to be the people that you are. You're similar on an idealistic level, and you find that your ideas about life -- what you want to do, what you believe in -- are comfortingly similar. The sense of purpose you feel when you're together is inspiring; you want to get big things done, launch creative projects, move forward in your lives as individuals and as a couple.

It could even feel as if your purpose is revealed simply by forging a relationship together! This is not to say that the relationship itself is your sole purpose; instead, something in the way you relate with each other reveals where you should go next. You both want to expand your minds and your horizons when you're together, and that's something you're able to do as a couple. Learning and education is a focus for you, and the optimism you bring to each other's lives inspires self-confidence in both of you. You're protective and supportive of each other, and you really help each other grow as individuals. Just be careful not to take each other or this positive effect for granted. You could come to depend on each other's strengths as individuals so thoroughly that you simply expect them -- not remembering that they're gifts to be appreciated. As long as you don't become complacent about these strengths, you're able to put them to good use, and grow together.

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