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Jupiter trine Juno

Spiritual motivation

Kelli Fox

Your relationship serve as the perfect forum in which to expand your souls and your consciousness, because you're both interested in philosophy and spirituality, and you both have some well-developed values that have led to a code that you live by. You've been looking for some time for a lover who matches up well with you on a spiritual, sexual level; after all, simple interests and external goals just aren't enough to create a lasting, committed union. There has to be something more, something important in the under-layer that supports you through thick and thin, through tough times and easy ones; and you two have that connection.

You feel a sense of familiarity and ease with this person, and you love talking with them about all your big ideas for life and your future. You feel a sense of trust for each other is based in the fact that you both know that when problems arise, things will be okay -- you deal with them as a team and you support each other's decisions. This is easy to do, after all; you rarely see things differently, and when you do, you're able to explain your side of it. You help each other to grow through the course of this relationship, and if you have made or plan to make a commitment to each other and make it a long-term bond, you can expect to become even more enlightened than you would have on your own.

Jupiter trine Juno in the Composite Chart

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