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Jupiter trine Ascendant

Opening your worlds

Kelli Fox

Something in the way that you naturally look at life or operate in the world is a big eye-opener for this partner, in a great way. Your own natural enthusiasm for life, your optimism about the future and your savviness about grabbing onto opportunities as they arise really expands this person's horizons, because you show them a new way of doing things. This isn't in any formal way; whatever you do together as a couple, on your dates, for example, is naturally an eye-opening, positive, beneficial experience for you both, but especially your partner.

Because of your influence, you two might get up to some pretty crazy, risky antics when you're out together! You might not be into the dull, standard dinner-and-a-movie date; your style could be more like a morning bungee jump or maybe riding horses up into the mountains. You certainly don't want to follow the guide! You make your own way, and your lover looks to you for inspiration and an example of what kind of person they want to be, and how to chase down their own future and good luck. Just don't let all this good feeling translate into laziness or self-indulgence. Don't get into risk-taking just for its own sake; every risk you take as a couple should have a calculatedly beneficial outcome.

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