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Jupiter square Sun

Some difficult work

Kelli Fox

In your relationship, you find the experience that can result when two rather different personalities try to create an intimate bond in the only way they know how. That means that each of you has your own ideals in life -- what's important to you, what your needs are in a romantic relationship, what a relationship should entail and so forth. In this case, those ideals may not coincide perfectly, and you both feel slightly frustrated by that conflict.

The better you get to know one another, the more that the issues may increase, but instead of talking things out and striving to understand the differences that exist between you, you're more likely to just let the issue drop in the name of some sort of temporary truce. However, there is a bond between you that you both want to preserve. The benefits of your union outweigh the difficulties, and confronting your differences isn't something either of you wants to do. Instead, you take an unrealistically optimistic stance -- I don't have to worry, you tell yourself; it'll all work itself out in the end! And it probably does, for essentially you feel generous and tolerant of each other. Facing the issues you share and communicating about them openly and honestly help overcome any problems with excessive behavior that you two may encounter.

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