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Jupiter square Saturn

An inhibitive influence

Kelli Fox

Though individually you might focus on your dreams and ideals for the future, when you're together, you may have a restrictive, inhibitive effect on each other's ability to attain those ideals. Whenever you have a bright, creative, high-flying idea about a goal that you want to meet, your partner tends to bring it down with an overly sober explanation of everything that might go wrong. And whenever they're trying to be serious about working hard toward one of their goals, you're off somewhere, refusing to focus or get serious with them.

Your partner probably takes on the role of the overly serious nay-sayer more often, while you adopt the role of the careless, unfocused, freewheeling one. And after a while, you both might come to believe that you haven't achieved anything of significance since you got together, and the whole time you've been burdened by a feeling of limitation and responsibility, or of fighting off the chaos that lurks only a step away! Neither of you deserves to have your sense of responsibility challenged or your joie de vivre stripped away. So your task in this relationship is to learn how to move forward and achieve your goals, even in the face of opposition. It might not be a fun process, but it could be a very important step in developing your own strength and determination.

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