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Jupiter square North Node

Pulled off course

Kelli Fox

As your relationship has matured, you've noticed that you're not nearly as compatible as you might like to be when it comes to finding your life paths. Though you want to understand the direction your lover wants to take and to support them in their choices, you both find it hard to do so because your paths will conflict. Your instincts tell each of you to do things very differently and head in completely different directions from each other.

Your beliefs are far apart, and you might even argue over the right way to do things, or try to manipulate each other into doing it your way. Or, you might find yourselves holding back in your own path to make room for each other -- which is definitely not a good idea, no matter how selfless the impulse might be. But you're not as likely to do that as your partner; your spontaneity and enthusiasm wouldn't allow it. Which could mean they're the one holding back to make room for you and all your energy. An influence like this could hurt an otherwise strong connection. Making compromises is necessary, but that shouldn't happen at the expense of your own career or some other important ambition. If you find that you're straying too far off-course from pursuing your goals, it might be time to face the fact that there are some flaws between you that may or may not prove fatal to the relationship. Accepting your differences and getting on your own track is the best, but possibly the hardest, way to handle things.

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