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Jupiter square Neptune

The truth obscured

Kelli Fox

Your partner stimulates the most idealistic parts of your nature, which sounds nice -- except that they could encourage you to step off the edge of the mundane world and into the stratosphere with them. While this is fun and pleasurable, and makes you feel closely bonded as a couple, it does present some problems. You're so idealistic when you're with your partner that you could become quite irresponsible.

After all, if all your focus and interest goes toward the uplifting feeling of being together, you can't get much done in the way of tedious, day-to-day responsibilities. You tend to be indulgent and enthusiastic, while your partner is rather gullible and impressionable, and that can be a bad combination. Your partner misleads you -- unintentionally, of course -- and could actually deceive you about good risks or investments. You talk each other up and it could be hard to come down again and face reality when it intrudes, which it has a nasty habit of doing. And over time, you've likely realized that you've overlooked the fact that you're not all that spiritually or philosophically attuned; all this time, you've been convincing each other to get involved with ideas or activities that don't even match up with your true values. This confusing effect has to be faced and dealt with; otherwise you just mislead each other without even meaning to.

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  1. mary on May 24, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    I like this friend at work and he likes me but he says he has a girlfriend. neptune is2630 degrees in aquarius and jupiter is 2631 in aquarius in theninthe house. is he telling the truth?


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