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Jupiter square Juno

Taking unnecessary risks

Kelli Fox

This aspect makes it difficult to arrive naturally at a long-term commitment, because so much friction is created through the course of your relationship by the excesses that you indulge in as a couple. Your partner is attracted to you in the beginning precisely because you excite them so much. They might learn things or be exposed to ideas or activities that they never dreamed of on their own, and this creates a heady adrenaline rush that would excite just about anyone!

But certain behaviors and pastimes are unsustainable if you're trying to build a relationship that will last. Gambling, partying and other risk-taking pursuits can be fun, but not in excess. You might get yourselves into trouble together if you do these things too much. Bragging about yourself or promoting yourself in a false way can definitely lead to trouble, if it reaches the wrong ears. These are the kinds of problems that befall you as a couple, and even if you want things to last long-term, you just might not be able to make things stable enough for that. After all, a long-term relationship really needs to involve two people who have similar ideas about the important things in life. Between you two, not a whole lot of time is spent focusing on the important things, and that's a shame.

Jupiter square Juno in the Composite Chart

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