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Jupiter sextile Venus

Lucky in love

Kelli Fox

This person didn't just fall for you; they learn from you and look up to you as a mentor who can teach them about the kind of person they want to become. They're able to talk openly with you about anything and everything that comes up, and you understand them really well. Through this openness, they grow to understand themselves better, which aids in their career, their personal relationships and all other areas of their life.

You have a wonderful effect on this person, and they do the same for you. Socially, they encourage you to make the most of their contacts. You both have fun when you go out together and your partner also points it out when there's a social opportunity that could turn out to be more than that. You make each other feel strong, motivated and even lucky. Your lover also makes you feel smart, as if you're more able to put things together in terms of what your social experiences mean in the larger scheme of things. Your grasp of philosophy is welcome, interesting and helpful to them. This aspect is great for being in a long-term bond, because it fosters such warmth and affection between you.

Jupiter sextile Venus in the Transit Chart

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