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Jupiter sextile Saturn

Creative hard work

Kelli Fox

This influence is wonderful for a strong and steady relationship, because it really highlights two people's ability to work together toward a common goal. What is your goal as a couple? This could shift a great deal from one phase of your lives and relationship to the next.

As a couple, your problem-solving strengths are as useful in resolving an argument as they are in taking on a huge project together, which is what makes this such an excellent long-term influence. You could end up launching a major project together -- a business, a home renovation, even raising children or pets -- and whatever it is that you decide to do, you two just have a natural gift for it. You combine your creative ideas with your partner's practical knowledge; their ability to work long and hard with your intellectual ideas and vision of the future to make that hard work mean something. You come to each other for great advice and support. This aspect supports a deep and abiding feeling of friendship and trust between you that helps you work together well and communicate on a deep level. It makes you serious together, but in a positive, practical way; a way that you both want. After all, the best relationships are a blend of work and play, and this aspect helps you find that balance. As you two have focused together on your goals, and blending your best qualities -- and as you continue to do so -- you're sure to find success in whatever you might undertake.

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