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Jupiter sextile Moon

Growth opportunity

Kelli Fox

This aspect helps create a real feeling of positivity between you -- a high level of spontaneity and support that fosters good feelings in both of you. You inspire optimism and confidence in your partner, and you help them to see how they can make their dreams come true. You really respect each other because you sense a like mind in your lover, and you want to support each other in whatever philosophies or enterprises you dream up.

You understood your partner very well, and they tolerate your moods with more sympathy than you may have encountered ever before. This provides you both with a unique opportunity to get some good work done. Whether that work is on a personal level -- tackling some troubling emotional issues, perhaps -- or on a more outward level -- like completing a creative project or advancing in your career -- is up to the two of you. Anything you've been procrastinating finds expression and new direction in this relationship. The opportunities for growth abound in this relationship, and you should be open to them at all times.

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