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Jupiter sextile Midheaven

The sum of your parts

Kelli Fox

You have attracted certain opportunities into your own life regarding your career or your most important work. You've had a certain kind of luck in achieving the things that are most important to you, and you're able to bring these gifts to this partner. You combine resources and help each other to grow on a level that definitely extends outside the confines of your romance.

The advice you give your partner helps them to grow as an individual, and to expand their idea of their own place in society. What role does your partner fulfill in the world? What do they have to offer, on a local or global scale? This relationship helps them to face these questions and make a lot of headway toward answering them. You focus on these questions about yourself, as well. You're enthusiastic and optimistic about your partner's ambitions, and that heady feeling of support carries both of you far. You advise them well, based on the wisdom you've gained through your own experiences. You could even encourage them to get more education, if a higher degree or specialized classes would help to further their career.

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