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Jupiter quincunx Saturn

Differing methods

Kelli Fox

Achieving any goal or moving forward into the future can be somewhat difficult in this relationship. Some basic differences in the ways in which you meet the world have become more evident as time has goes on. Your partner sees you as the dreamer, and your carefree attitude and your seeming refusal to get serious might drive them crazy!

But their overly serious, even pessimistic outlook can drag you down at times and switch off your creativity like a light. You find it really hard to view each other in a positive light, which means you struggle to appreciate each other's strengths. You don't get why your lover does things the way they do. You wonder why they're so serious all the time, so uninspired in their outlook, and they wonder why you seem to love chaos. Both of those views are both incorrect and unfair. For example, what looks like limitation and pessimism could actually be strength -- the focus and dedication essential to meeting any goal. And what looks like carelessness could actually be an unquenchable, optimistic spirit. As you've both learned to see the benefits of your lover's way of doing things, you've been able to blend your strengths and make a really formidable team.

Jupiter quincunx Saturn in the Natal Chart

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