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Jupiter quincunx Moon

A learning opportunity

Kelli Fox

We all have habitual ways of behaving -- subconscious responses that occur when certain buttons in our psyches are pushed. Thus, each new romantic relationship can end up being a mirror image of the last one, because we behave in the same ways again and again, allowing the same buttons to be pushed and the same coded responses to come out. But this relationship is one of generosity and general goodwill, and that kind of energy should be both enjoyed and used for the learning opportunity that it provides.

If you're both willing to move past your old, tired habits of behavior, you can grow in ways you can't even imagine! You have to work hard to make this happen. If you just allow yourselves to operate in the same old ways, you find yourself repeating past romantic relationships -- ones that, obviously, didn't work out. To avoid the same fate with this one, you have to go about it in a new, more conscious way. Your partner, especially, should be aware when their buttons are being pushed -- which you both can recognize when they suddenly get irritated with you with little provocation. Be sure to communicate clearly together. If you bring up an issue with your lover, try to be sensitive about it -- and whatever their emotional reaction is, listen and support them as much as you can. If your lover has an issue with you, encourage them to be courageous -- bring it up! You both stand to learn a lot from this relationship, so don't waste the opportunity.

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