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Jupiter quincunx Midheaven

Blend your styles

Kelli Fox

After a while, you start to notice that there's some tension between you regarding the work that each of you does -- or doesn't do. Your partner is used to working hard in a disciplined way, and they could get annoyed by your tendency to be more carefree and undirected about your work. You're a spontaneous soul with a healthy dose of enthusiasm for life -- which could get on your lover's nerves if they have even one drop of envy about your high-flying disposition.

They could feel restricted by their responsibilities, and you represent the freedom they wish they had. If you start noticing the friction that comes up as a result of this, you both have to take steps to resolve it. Your more responsible and dutiful partner needs to try to remember that these are choices they've made in their life. They could choose to drop everything and become carefree and spontaneous too -- but that isn't them, is it? At least not all the time. But they could borrow some of your spontaneity, sometimes. And you could use your good humor to get your partner out of that desk chair and outside, into the world. You can help each other to both work harder and play harder, if you just try to understand where the other is coming from.

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