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Jupiter opposite Venus

Rose-colored glasses

Kelli Fox

You both are looking for the ultimate romance -- and you think that you've found it in this person. But what looks like the perfect love, the most generous and romantic bond, could actually be excessive and beyond the truth. Don't misunderstand: you're very attracted to each other, and you thrive on the love you experience together.

But those swelling, overwhelming feelings could actually obscure the differences between you -- the parts of you that make you who you are, which, when opposing, are the issues that you have as a couple, ones that need to be brought out into the open and resolved. In particular, you don't always see eye to eye on some of the more fundamental subjects -- your values and beliefs regarding money, for example, or spirituality, or your personal philosophies of life. If you're constantly looking at this person through rose-colored glasses, you might just wake up one day and realize -- Wait a minute, we have nothing in common! Why not avoid that unpleasant wake-up call? This aspect encourages you to sugarcoat the problem areas of your relationship and to just have an eye for the good stuff, which is a very comfortable situation. But you can and should force yourself to be honest, with yourself and your partner, about the areas where you don't get along that well. That's the only way that you can grow as a couple or as individuals while in this relationship.

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