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Jupiter opposite Uranus

Stirring it up

Kelli Fox

You've got some strongly defined ideals when it comes to how this relationship should work, but you've probably come up against some opposition with your partner. All those good, well-founded ideas of yours just don't match up with their spontaneous approach to love. They really shake things up for you, on an intellectual level!

This interaction encourages you to be highly progressive in your thinking -- except that when you started to realize that your partner, especially, prizes independence and freedom within a relationship, you found that your divergent ideas actually began leading you away from each other. This felt threatening -- and might still -- if you haven't been able to give your partner plenty of space to be themselves. Translation? Don't be possessive of your lover! This relationship requires lots of room to think, experience and grow on your own as well as within the boundaries of the relationship itself. They push you to newer heights of unusual thinking, and you might not realize when your ideas are just too high-flying and unrealistic. In order to grow, as a couple or as individuals, you have to find some common ground to build on. And that common ground might not be even close to what you expected. So be open to new ideas and trying out new methods of being together; you might surprise yourselves.

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