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Jupiter opposite Sun

Opposite Directions

Kelli Fox

This relationship is intense, at least sometimes! Your bond might have been very strong from the start, which could give you a sense of fatedness -- as if you're somehow supposed to be in this relationship, as if it's larger than either of you as individuals could possibly be. That feeling arises not from any actual karmic destiny, however, but from some basic differences between you that create separation on a variety of levels.

You are focused on your personal growth during the course of this relationship, and may pursue that growth to the detriment of your bond as a couple. Your partner may end up feeling ignored or overlooked as a result, as if their individuality isn't as important as your quest for soul-growth. The truth might be that in that moment, each partner's individual growth is more important than your bond as a couple. Though this doesn't have to be a negative thing, it is likely that your lover, especially, feels threatened by its influence; and you each respond in one of a few ways. You might try to assert your own vision of where the relationship should go, which results in ego clashes. Or you might identify this urge to grow in yourself and your partner, and end up having overly high expectations of one another. The best response, of course, is to try your hardest to support one another mutually in your personal growth arcs, and honor your relationship as well as your individuality.

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