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Jupiter opposite South Node

Helping each other out

Kelli Fox

You helped this person find their life path in a past life, and you could be doing it again in this one. Something in your own energy -- some sense of spontaneity and enthusiasm for life, some natural ability to spot opportunities and grab hold of them -- naturally attracted this person to you all those lifetimes ago, and it happens again in this life. You have a great deal of understanding and insight about their life and where they're headed, and you offer them all your best advice about how you think they ought to get there.

This seems like luck to them, and maybe it is -- the luck that results from all the right elements coming together and producing great results. You offer them advice, and they actually take it -- and they find that their life is better as a result. Your perspective on the way things work is a big help to them; you help to clarify things for them about the way the world is and how they need to operate within it. The good benefits of your connection don't go in just one direction; you actually derive a lot of good things just from being around this person.

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