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Jupiter opposite Saturn

A struggle for dominance

Kelli Fox

You two take opposing sides on achieving any goal or moving forward into the future, and this creates tension, to say the least. You're the dreamer -- the carefree partner whose less-than-serious attitude makes your lover cringe. But their overly serious, even pessimistic outlook sometimes has a dampening effect on your creative spirits, like water dousing a candle.

Part of the problem is that you represent to each other the things that each of you lacks: They lack your optimistic outlook and your ability to seize opportunities, and you lack their focus and dedication to hard work. If you could figure out how to blend your individual strengths, then you'd really get somewhere as a team -- but that means respecting each other's methods, which is nothing if not difficult. You're a lot more likely to get into power struggles where you're each fighting for dominance, trying to prove that your own way of doing things is the right one. But why not try to learn from each other? Instead of looking at your partner as being limited and overly focused on responsibility, you could look on those qualities as strengths -- focus and dedication are essential to meeting any goal, after all. And what looks to your lover like carelessness on your part is actually an unquenchable spirit, an optimistic streak a mile wide. Change the way you look at each other, and you two stand a greater chance of blending your strengths more fully.

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