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Jupiter opposite North Node

Old, bad habits

Kelli Fox

Any bad habits that either of you has developed in past relationships regarding following your true path in life are carried out in this relationship, if you're not careful. Old habits are hard to break, and this relationship doesn't exactly present you with the impetus to move forward. Instead, even if the habits don't serve you now and never did, you, especially, encourage your partner to stick with them.

Not intentionally, of course -- but you're so comfortable together that it might feel like there's no reason to progress as individuals. After all, you don't really have a problem with the paths either of you has chosen in life; to whatever extent that you're meeting your goals, you both probably feel as if that's just fine. But if you focus on your partner's past too much -- for example, if they've traveled to places or seen things or held jobs that are attractive to you, or if they've had other relationships that you want to know every detail about -- your endless probing and questions actually serve to limit your partner's growth from past to future. You don't mean to hold them back, but that's what happens when you're not careful! It's a good thing to look up to each other and respect each other's experiences, but there's no need to take that respect to the extent that you no longer want to experience life on your own. You're individual people, with different, needs, strengths and perspectives. The best thing would be to push bravely out into your own life, regardless of what the other has or has not already experienced.

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