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Jupiter opposite Midheaven

Expanding the past

Kelli Fox

You bring a warm and positive perspective to this person's home life. You help them to look into their past and make peace with it, if need be; to bridge gaps that might exist between them and their family, or to understand things that happened long ago that left their mark on this person, maybe even before they were old enough to understand. You take a deep and caring interest in your lover's roots, in the cultural influences that have come together to make them who they are.

You actually encourage them to think more about these things than they may have on their own; you help them to take a close and generous look at all the people and events in their life that have influenced them, and to forgive those that need it. You help this person start to see a pattern that's related to who they are today. What a wonderful gift to give to your lover! This aspect lends itself well to a long-term relationship between you, because it fosters such a feeling of understanding and support; but even if yours is a short-term affair, you both gain a lot from it. You help each other to create a sacred space in your home, or maybe just in your heart -- one that you can retreat to for solitude and gathering your strength when you need it.

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