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Jupiter opposite Juno

Two different wavelengths

Kelli Fox

Though you two might be attracted to each other in the beginning for your differences, in the end, you're on two opposite sides of the fence when it comes to some very important issues, and that could be the downfall of the relationship. We're all looking for a lover who matches up with us in terms of the important things in life -- our life philosophies, if you will. Well, the two of you have life philosophies that are galaxies apart!

Your partner is much more serious and philosophical than you are; they think things through and they've arrived at some very solid values that they live by -- a code of honor, almost, that informs their life and all their decisions. Because of that, they may be very attracted, at first, to you for the fact that you just seem to fly by the seat of your pants. Your boldness excites your partner, and your lucky flair with life impresses them. You may be very attracted, in turn, to this person's much more studied view of things. You might look at them and wish some of their directedness, some of their sense of values and ideals, could rub off on you. And well it might; you do stand the chance of teaching each other all about your own way of doing things. But trouble is much more likely. After a while, you both want to just do things your own way and be comfortable, instead of always having to stretch yourself for the other person.

Jupiter opposite Juno in the Composite Chart

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