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Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Joint efforts

Kelli Fox

What are your goals as a couple? This is a question you two must face together, because the particular blend of your energies lends itself to problem-solving and goal achievement. You are naturally the more enthusiastic, creative partner, while your lover tends more toward seriousness.

This difference shouldn't be a problem; in fact, you help to balance each other out, providing energetic bursts or reality checks when needed. Your problem-solving strengths as a couple is as useful in resolving an argument as they are in taking on a huge project together -- renovating a house, starting a business, you name it! Whatever you decide to do, you likely have a natural gift at it together. You can come to each other for advice, trusting that the advice you receive is always sound. Just make sure that you haven't let your differences create a gulf between you -- and that you continue to maintain your closeness. Your more serious-minded partner might have the tendency to drag you and your optimistic energy down; but allowing that creative, high-flying spirit to be stifled should be avoided, as it's the magic behind the hard work. Similarly, you should take care not to pooh-pooh the soberness of your lover's thinking, because that sobriety provides a much-needed grounding influence. You have a lot to learn from each other, and together you make two halves of a very strong team.

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