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Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Growth spurts

Kelli Fox

Don't get caught up only in the romance together -- if you do, you could neglect the opportunities this relationship offers you! You can both really accomplish something big through your connection with each other, if you put your minds to it. You create a certain, wonderful energy together -- an active desire to move forward in your lives, to make those changes you've always thought about but maybe haven't gotten around to yet.

You, especially, help and encourage your partner to make those changes and more -- to elevate themselves as a human being, whatever that means for them personally. Does your partner feel like they need a better job, more education, a stronger grip on their spiritual path? They find ways to achieve those goals in this relationship, due in part to your influence. Best of all, you help them to understand their own process of change. You both talk about your feelings and your growth spurts; you tell each other what it looks like from the outside. And you support each other. Your own growth process inspires your lover's search for meaning in life, and vice versa. If this sounds heavy, it is -- in a positive way! This aspect helps deepen your connection. Since the energy it creates is so strong, things aren't always easy between you -- your partner probably has flare-ups of jealousy and possessiveness, for example. But keeping your chins above water really isn't too hard, and the returns are great.

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