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Jupiter conjunct Moon

Dream chasers

Kelli Fox

What a great influence for a relationship! This aspect helps create a real feeling of positivity between you -- as if you can help your lover step off the edge of the world and right into their biggest, most creative dreams. There is a sense of dreams coming true between you because of the optimism you inspire in one another, combined with the real-life effects that optimism creates.

The level of respect between you is strong from the start and only grows over time; you encourage and support each other to reach for the stars, and feel as if you're a real team, one that can handle anything that comes your way. So use this wonderful influence! Anything you've been procrastinating on finds expression and new direction in this relationship; your creative projects find new life through the bond you share. A word of caution is necessary, though: You actually inspire one another so much that you might be rather excessive together -- you, especially. You don't want to create such a feeling of anything-is-possible that you end up draining your finances or other resources. Exercise some restraint and good sense along with all that positive energy, and the world really will be your oyster.

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