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Jupiter conjunct Midheaven

Carpe diem

Kelli Fox

This aspect doesn't have a lot to do with the romantic, intimate feelings between you as a couple; instead, it influences you on a professional or otherwise public, social level, and is very beneficial indeed. You are naturally able to bring a lot of opportunities and seemingly serendipitous good luck to your partner in reaching their career goals. It isn't so much that you bring some kind of 'magic touch' to their life, however -- sorry to burst that bubble!

It's more that you simply help them to recognize the opportunities that come their way and you encourage them to reach out and take hold of them. You bring new ideas to your partner and help them to formulate better paths toward their goals. You also bring a feeling of optimism and enthusiasm to their life that is essential to their success. If they're feeling down about their work, or if they work so hard that their goals end up becoming hazy and indistinct, all they have to do is go to you for some advice or just perspective, and things clear right up. Through your relationship with each other, you both come to have a better idea of the work you're supposed to do in this world, what special talents you're meant to contribute -- and how you can go about making that happen.

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