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Jupiter conjunct Juno

A meeting of the minds

Kelli Fox

You have well-defined ideals when it comes to your values -- the beliefs that make you the person that you are. All your life, you've been looking for another person who complements you in those ways; someone whose values don't necessarily match up with yours point for point, but whose beliefs are at least as developed and well-founded as yours. Truthfully, matching values doesn't hurt!

Deep down inside yourself, you know that's the only way that a long-term relationship could work for you -- if your lover had a soul that was searching for truth, as yours is; if spirituality was important to them, as it is to you. Well, this relationship might just be the very one you've been looking for all along. You find that the two of you share a meeting of the minds on all the important levels -- spiritually, sexually, socially and so on. You adore talking about your philosophies of life together -- in fact, some of your first and best encounters may involve staying up much too late, just discussing all the ideas that are important to you, all the questions you have about life and the universe. You two realize that in each other, you've found someone who can accompany you along your path in life -- your search for truth and beauty, and your living out of your philosophical and spiritual ideals.

Jupiter conjunct Juno in the Composite Chart

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