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Jupiter conjunct Ascendant

Recognizing opportunities

Kelli Fox

This is a highly beneficial aspect for a romantic relationship, because it signifies positive growth as individuals and as a couple. Through knowing and loving one another, you both are changed for the better. You also just have a lot of fun together!

In fact, the very things that are most beneficial to you as a couple are also really enjoyable; talking at length about your spiritual values and beliefs; indulging in physical and emotional intimacy. All of that and more comes together to bring you new experiences and generally expand your horizons. You introduce this person to ways of being that they might never have encountered before. In fact, traveling together is a great way to jump-start that tendency -- you're bound to stumble onto something amazing if you explore the world together. Taking classes or reading books together is also a fun way for you to connect and learn something as a team. It's not that your viewpoints always merge; it's that you love the process of sussing out what each of you perceives, thinks and feels, and the spontaneous, lighthearted energy that you create together makes both of you feel great! You especially are able to help your partner to recognize opportunities and take them before they disappear. Just be careful not to take this emotional high too far -- you could encourage each other to overdo it and take unnecessary risks because all the good feelings you create obscure the negative possibilities.

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