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Juno trine Uranus

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Kelli Fox

Your partner is looking for something special, something unique and different in a love affair. Well, this relationship could be just what they've been looking for -- and it might even end up being more than either of you'd bargained for, because it could easily lead to a long-term commitment. If you two are making things official between you, it's definitely on your own terms, and not those of society, your parents and friends or anyone else who might have an opinion on how you should do things.

No, this relationship is just for the two of you, designed to meet your individual needs in a unique way. This relationship definitely highlights your individuality. While some people can't handle too much individualism in a love affair -- it makes them feel disconnected and insecure -- you two thrive on it, because you know you can trust each other. You both recognize that you each have the best of intentions toward each other and the relationship, and that frees you up to do and be whomever and whatever you want. You are very attracted to everything that's original, unique and unexpected in your lover, and they encourage that side of you to show itself more. Excitement and freedom characterize your bond, in a way that's stable enough for a wonderful future together.

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