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Juno trine Pluto

Big changes ahead

Kelli Fox

Right from the start, this person stands out to you. You recognize a certain, powerful something in them. A sense of awareness steals over you when you're together or even when you speak on the phone, and you know that this is something big.

Want to know what it is that you're recognizing in your partner? You're seeing yourself -- the self you could be if given the proper time and encouragement. Each of us is a combination of realized talents and unrecognized potential, and this relationship is one that helps you and your lover tap right into that potential within you and bring it out into the world in concrete form. You're never the same ever again, after being involved with this person. In this relationship you find the strength and the support and the inspiration you need to get empowered. They teach you not to sit back and wait for life and growth to happen to you, but to step forward and embrace it. Your sexual bond is just one of the ways in which your connection is powerful and transformative for both of you; it heals and inspires you, but your connection also extends much wider and deeper than that. So with this relationship you get a big love and big changes; this could be the love that lasts a lifetime.

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