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Juno square Uranus

Searching for that perfect balance

Kelli Fox

This relationship makes you both itchy, and not in a good way. Your partner doesn't feel like they have enough freedom or space to be themselves, but instead of trying to work within the relationship to make things more comfortable for both of you, they might just break up with you, suddenly and without warning. This would be an okay way of dealing with it, if it weren't for the fact that you two have a real connection that means something to both of you.

So once the bad feelings wear off, your good feelings set back in -- and you get together again. This aspect definitely encourages the kind of relationship where you break up and get back together again, over and over, because you just aren't able to strike a healthy, comfortable balance -- and your partner has a hard time even making up their mind about what, exactly, they want. Trying to conform to what other people expect of you is certain death for the relationship. If you're just pushing for a commitment because your parents want you to get married, for example, you might wake up someday and realize you've tied yourself to a person you don't even know, much less like. And your partner would hate to be on the other end of that equation! That's the kind of trouble you run into with this aspect between you. The erratic nature of your bond could prove to be too much for both of you.

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