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Juno square Sun

A little work will make it work

Kelli Fox

Can you two make it all the way to the long haul, and work things out so that you can be really important to each other and significant in each other's lives? That's the big question, with this aspect between you. You're definitely drawn to each other, but with the magnetic appeal you hold for each other also comes plenty of friction.

If either of you suspects that the other is being selfish about their needs -- and that isn't a rare occurrence -- you get your backs up, for sure. Depending on other aspects between you -- especially ones that might heighten the passion between you -- you could react against both real and imagined slights, instead of trying to stay cool, bite your tongue and talk things out if need be. If this begins to happen, you should both try to remember what's at stake. If what you have is an otherwise perfectly good relationship, maybe it's worth putting in some hard work to iron out the rough spots. If you can remind yourselves from time to time that everyone can be a little selfish sometimes -- even you! -- you might have an easier time not taking offense or feeling neglected as a result. After all, a great skill within a relationship is being able to know how to choose your battles. Sometimes it's best just to let your lover have their moment in the spotlight, or their alone time, and go tend to yourself until you can be reunited as a team.

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