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Juno sextile Uranus

No one's terms but your own

Kelli Fox

You can expect this relationship to be a significant one -- it could even lead to a long-term, committed bond -- but don't expect it to follow along any track that's recognizable or familiar to either one of you. Instead of following a prescribed path that's been set by other people -- such as looking for certain qualities in a lover, going on some dates to see how well you match up, considering a long-term commitment that eventually leads to marriage, 2.3 kids and a house in the suburbs... Did you nod off during that scenario?

That's because it's just not for you! You're after something much more unique and personal. It's not that you don't want the marriage, house and kids; it's that if you end up with those things, you want it to be genuine -- something you and your lover arrive at together, independent of what other people think you should do. You can be sure that your relationship makes a lot of room for both of you to be the individuals that you are. If you need plenty of freedom in a love affair, you get it in this one. You both know to trust in your bond, even if it's unorthodox. From the outside, it might look to other people like you're not very connected or intimate, but you both know better. You simply have worked things out to be exactly the way you want them -- to work well for the two of you.

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