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Juno sextile Sun

An easy commitment

Kelli Fox

You know the phrase 'lucky in love'? Well, it could apply to the two of you! You were attracted to each other from the start, as a flower turns its face to the sun.

There is a strong, almost magnetic pull between you, and you just...click. You both naturally slip into your roles within the relationship, with little angst or trouble of any kind. Either your friends and families accept this person in your life wholeheartedly, or it doesn't matter to you whether they do or don't -- because you know you're great together. You've got similar ideals for a romantic relationship, but you don't even have to talk about them much or try very hard to make sure they match up. This is the kind of aspect that helps make a relationship effortless. You just fit together really well, and you have such similar ideas of where you want the relationship to go that it feels to both of you as if it's fated to be. For both of you, a good romantic relationship is one that you can rely on; one that gives you comfort and strength, and, of course, fun! You both see it as essential to a good life. The only trouble here might result from having a hard time remaining individuals, since you identify so strongly with the relationship; but in general, this is a great aspect for a long-term bond that could easily lead to a commitment.

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