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Juno sextile Pluto

Together you'll shine

Kelli Fox

The effect of this aspect is powerfully transformative for you, and you're never the same again after being involved with this person. This could be the relationship you've both been looking for all along, the one that lasts, because it holds such a powerful sway over you. From the very beginning, you recognize that power in your lover.

You feel a sense of calm, deep alertness when you're together, and you know that something big is about to happen. And it does! This relationship give you the forum and the strength and support you need to grow -- to get strong -- to become the person you've been all along, but perhaps you haven't felt supported enough to shine. Well, you shine in this relationship. This person gives you what you need to feel self-empowered. Sometimes, we can get involved with people who secretly, deep down, don't want us to be strong or independent; because of their own insecurities, they want us to be small and insecure as well. That is the opposite of this relationship, and what a refreshing difference! You both admire the strength you find in each other, and you, especially, emulate it in your own life. Your sexual connection runs strong and true, and is another source of power and pleasure for both of you. You both learn to shine.

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