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Juno sextile Mercury

Talking and listening

Kelli Fox

Verbal communication is a very important part of your relationship, and it could very well be the strength of your connection, the one that helps to carry you to a long-term commitment, even marriage! With this aspect between you, you talk everything out with an ease and a sense of support that you may never have experienced before in any other relationship. You just get each other, and it feels so wonderful to be 'gotten' by someone that loves you.

You're attracted to each other for your minds, for the ways your brains work, and you love trying to find out what makes your lover tick. You discuss everything -- philosophical and political ideas, your pasts, your dreams, your futures, movies and books, your friends and families, your fears and hang-ups... Nothing is off-limits. You feel as if you're in a safe space together, like you can say anything that comes to mind because you know it will be received well. You always have time to lend each other an ear, and you could quickly start to feel as if this person is your new best friend as a result. It's so nice to have someone in your life who you can call up when something nice happens, or something stressful, and know that they'll share in your triumph or offer you a strong shoulder to lean or cry on! That feeling of friendship and connectedness is a great foundation for a long, strong bond.

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