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Juno sextile Mars

Creating energy together

Kelli Fox
Juno sextile Mars

You admire this person for the qualities that you exhibit yourself -- that strong, assertive, passionate nature that takes life by the horns. Your relationship is likely to be a wild ride, and it takes the finesse of a bronco rider to tame some of its wilder curves! If anyone's up to taming the kind of passion you encounter in a relationship with each other, it's you two.

Sure, it's a possibility that that passion will burn you out; you might start to wish you could be in a more relaxed, sedate relationship, one that doesn''t tax your nerves so... But you don't really wish that; neither one of you does! The passion you generate together acts as life blood for the relationship. Your physical passion is a lasting source of energy and intimacy for both of you; even when other things in your life are going wrong, your sexual bond is still strong and positive. You both know that in each other, you've found someone as directed, positive and goal-oriented as you are. After all, each of you really needs that in anyone who can be a long-term player in your game of life. Couch potatoes need not apply! You like what you find in each other. The energy you create together is enough to sustain both of you through tough times, and you know that at last you've found a worthy partner.

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