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Juno sextile Jupiter

A real partner for life

Kelli Fox

Does this last long-term? It's up to the two of you, of course -- but it's a distinct possibility! Your spiritual ideals are very much aligned, and you find it easy to imagine a long future together.

Whether you realize it or not, you've always looked for a lover who is a good match for you on a deeper level than just interests, ambitions and so on. What you really want is someone with whom you can grow spiritually, sexually and in your soul. You want a partner in life who stays up late with you sometimes, just to talk about the world and ponder the endless, exquisite and unknowable workings of the universe. You want a lover who is adventurous, if not in a 'Let's travel through the Amazon with just a toothbrush and a roll of duct tape' kind of a way, at least in a soulful, philosophical way. You want someone who has similar values to yours, so that you can know you always work as a team when problems arise or when life presents you with an unusual opportunity that you hadn't anticipated. You very well may have found those qualities in each other, because with this aspect between you, you're very well matched up, especially if other aspects support this. This is the kind of influence anyone would be lucky to find in a marriage partner, so if things go that way for you two, you can feel reasonably certain that you'll always grow together instead of apart.

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