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Juno quincunx Uranus

Not a good blend

Kelli Fox

At first, your different values might not be a problem. Your partner might even be attracted to you for the very reason that you're so different from them, and you each have something to learn from the other. You are likely to be much more traditional than they are, and you're very enamored of this person in your life who throws caution and tradition to the wind; you wish you could do that more often!

They, the less traditional partner, look at you and admire that normalcy -- that steady, straightforward approach to life. But there's a reason that each of you is the way you are. If you try to have an overly traditional relationship because you think you should, it just doesn't work. But neither does doing things in a wacky, irreverent way, either. Basically, you both struggle with this relationship, and even if you want it to last long-term, you might have trouble making that happen. There just isn't enough of a foundation beneath your feet to make it possible. Your relationship constantly swings between the two extremes of traditional structure and unique expression, and after a while, the roller coaster ride is too much for either of you to handle.

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