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Juno quincunx Saturn

A bad investment

Kelli Fox

The trouble with this aspect is that it encourages you to commit to a relationship, even if said relationship is less than perfect -- or even far less. Take a look at the other aspects between you. Do they indicate that you have trouble communicating, or feeling warmly connected, or getting along in an easy manner?

Then this aspect could really do some damage. It's like getting involved in a business venture that you know is going to fail, but you sink a lot of time and money into it anyway. You wouldn't do that, would you? Then maybe you should think twice about whether being involved in this relationship is really the best idea. You feel more of a sense of duty toward each other than any real sense of togetherness, and that can be very hard both on an individual's psyche and on the relationship itself. You might be locked into a pattern of grimly trying to force the other person into behaving better, if you think their bad behavior is hurting the relationship. Why try to force change, when the only way it ever really works is if it happens naturally? You might even hurt the relationship worse by trying to force it into a box that it just doesn't fit into. If things aren't going well between you, don't even consider trying to make it last long-term. Instead, consider whether this is really the right relationship for you.

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