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Juno quincunx Neptune

Deluding yourselves

Kelli Fox

You two might have thought you've found the love of the ages when you got together. The relationship could feel as if it fits all your secret fantasies of just how wonderful things could be if... (dot-dot-dot -- you fill in the blank; it's your fantasy).

In short, your lover, especially, idealizes you, and it could take them awhile to figure out the fact that things aren't as rosy and perfect as they thought, or hoped. You might even delude each other -- probably not on purpose, although that is a possibility. It's more likely that this comes from the mutual urge to be everything your lover wants you to be, when in truth, you're both real people, flawed and actually just very different from who your lover builds you up in their mind to be. Living a lie is a draining activity, and could prove to be too much for the two of you to handle. This aspect could really make it hard to get to that long-term commitment that you're dreaming of, because doing so means cutting through the layers of denial, deception and delusion to the truth that lies beneath of who you both are and what you're really capable of offering in an intimate partnership.

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